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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Who is saving who from what?

Who is Mr Bowen as Minister for Immigration thinking he is kidding with his media comments that the latest policy initiatives to offload asylum seekers are designed to prevent Australians having to go through the trauma of witnessing the horror of the drownings that occurred off Christmas Island?

Who suffered on that occasion? It was I believe the asylum seekers. This line of argument I find morally degrading and demonstrating a self absorption that is absolutely reprehensible in its moral blindness.

The evidence is clear that the vast majority of Australians are totally uninformed as to the actual numbers of asylum seekers involved in efforts to get here by boat. The fact that it is substantially smaller than the number who seek asylum after they arrive here by air. The unwillingness of the government to get up and defend a policy based on moral principle and actual facts displays a lack of guts and willingness to stand for anything.

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