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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Caring for suffering?

Moria Rayner nails the hypocrisy of concern for animal welfare over cattle exports accompanied by a lack of concern over the welfare of children, young people and those seeking asylum for situations of war, and political and religious persecution.

Does anybody see, other than myself, the dreadful hypocrisy of demanding and obtaining real, inconvenient and expensive interruption to the export of live cattle, and the complete lack of outrage and demand for action to ensure the humane treatment of asylum-seeking, unaccompanied children, and a ban on their being transported to work in the sex trade or enslaved pauperism in Malaysia?
Such disparity in public outrage, such blindness to the sinful (for once, a proper adjective) lack of compassion for those who have no power and no voice, and such incredible hypocrisy about the likely improvement in the attitudes and practices in both of these countries to whom we have given the discretion to exercise our own moral responsibilities, leaves this writer a little short of breath. Eureka Street

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