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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Kingdom and Empire

Every now and then the ABC produces a program that justifies their existence. The recent Encounter program on the Kingdom of God as a critique of Empire is one of those programs.

The program puts Jesus' account of the Kingdom of God into a realistic political context:

Brian McLaren: Jesus never said he came to start a new religion. In fact if he had started a new religion, if that's all he was out to do, Rome didn't have any problem with that. You could have any religion you want, as long as you didn't challenge the powers-that-be and you didn't make a challenge to the Empire of Caesar. But Jesus didn't just say, 'I want to start a new religion', he came proclaiming a new kingdom, and even more radical, he doesn't just say 'The Kingdom of God will come some day, at the end of the world, or after we all die', he actually said 'Today it's happening, and we've got to wake up and realise it's at hand, it's here now. So it is an incredible revolutionary message, and it's the kind of message that could get a person killed in fact.


Anonymous said...

I agree - what a great program!

Anonymous said...

As an alternative to the ignorant twaddle of that program please check out these references, which give a very sobering assessment of the state of the world altogether, and how we got to here.

Plus references on how/why Christianity is very much part of the problem. It is an entirely would be world-conquering worldly power and control seeking cult.