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Monday, 16 July 2007

Haneef Charge a problem for NGOs operating in a conflict area

The charging of DR Haneef, apparently for passing on a SIM card to his cousin who a year is associated with an act of violence intending to spread terror, should be causing substantial concern for staff of Australian NGOs delivering aid and supporting development in areas of the world subject to conflict.

Many of the staff are required if they are to effectively deliver aid and assist development in countries subject to conflict will have to deal with people associated with that conflict. Many of them may well wonder whether they may be placed in legal jeopardy for simply doing their job if the charge currently laid against Dr Haneef succeeds.

Christian aid agencies may be in special jeopardy given their underlying ethic of providing hospitality to the stranger and extending love to the enemy.

Is giving a cup of cold water going to become a criminal offence

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