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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Doing Theology and the stories that shape our Imagination

What is 'doing theology' all about?

Nicholas Lash in a brief but illuminating book, "Holiness, Speech and Silence: Reflections on the Question of God" makes the following helpful observations:

... continuing to hold the Gospel's truth make much more serious and dangerous demands than mere lip service paid to undigested information. Unless we make that truth our own through thought and pain and argument - through prayer and study and an unflinching quest for understanding - it will be chipped away, reshaped, eroded by the power of an imagining fed by other springs, tuned to quite different stories. An this unceasing, strenuous, vulnerable attempt to make some Christian sense of things, not just in what we say, but through the ways in which we 'see' the world, is what is known as doing theology." (p.4)

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