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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Vatican on climate Change

In the light of the last two weeks of shenanigans inside and outside the Australian Parliament on responding, or not, to global warming, the following extract from the Vatican makes sobering reading. Catholic politicians should take note. the reference to the impact on those who are the poorest and te most marginal on the globe again is an issue that Christians of whatever tradition should be making their voice heard on.

Vatican’s Address to U.N. on Climate Change

The scientific evidence for global warming and for humanity’s role in the increase of greenhouse gasses becomes ever more unimpeachable, as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change findings are going to suggest; and such activity has a profound relevance, not just for the environment, but in ethical, economic, social and political terms as well. The consequences of climate change are being felt not only in the environment, but in the entire socioeconomic system and, as seen in the findings of numerous reports already available, they will impact first and foremost the poorest and weakest who, even if they are among the least responsible for global warming, are the most vulnerable because they have limited resources or live in areas at greater risk. We need only think of the small island developing states as one example among many. Many of the most vulnerable societies, already facing energy problems, rely upon agriculture — the very sector most likely to suffer from climatic shifts.

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