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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Who are the real subversives?

Fred Nile in commentary on the shooting massacre at Fort Hood stated:

Australians would like to be assured that our defence forces have in place a system of assessment and review which would identify any person whose adherence to any alien ideology might one day override loyalty to mates and loyalty to the Crown," Mr Nile said.

I thought initially that he might be going to mention Christians, who after all are supposed to be followers of Jesus, people who would adhere to that alien ideology that Jesus announced in the Sermon on the Mount about loving enemies etc. No such luck - Muslims got the guernsey. an what we have here looks like the automatice assumption of a Christendom lockstep between Christianity and the powers that be.

If he is serious about having such a test then it should be applied to Christians as well given the subversive teachings of their leader.

If this statement means, however, that the Rev Nile cannot envisage that adherence by Christians to that "alien ideology" could never override loyalty to mates and loyalty to the Crown then something is drastically wrong with his understanding of the call to Christian discipleship and that should be a matter of some concern and subject to fraternal dialogue within his church community.

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