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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The dislocation of long distance air travel and the ambiguity of techonology

Just returned from a weekend in Darwin for work purposes - pity it was not for a holiday it is the best time of the year there - Wurgeng - the early dry season.

The experience of long distance flying on Monday, from Darwin to Adelaide and then Adelaide to Canberra left me as it always does feeling dislocated from people, life and connection with the touch of earth and slightly nauseous.

The experience for me is one of abstraction and detachment.

The paradox is that the conversations I was involved in over the weekend were intense and involved an engagement with people tracing a trajectory that could not have been achieved over a video link. They involved discussion about policy, engaging issues of political judgment and moral responsibility that extended over meals and opened up issues of personal vocation and responsibility as public servants.

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