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Monday, 9 March 2009

Osso Huna Pre-Secondary School - Timor Leste

Classroom in Osso Huna

Entertaining visitors - who came to help out with conversational English classes

Attached are some photos from Osso-Huna Pre-Secondary School up in the mountains south east of Baccau.

School Parents meeting

Lining up before school

Back in 2002 the community gave a high priority to education and established with the help of some teachers from the community a presecondary school. With the help of friends from overseas and funding from TEAR Australia the school has continued to run successfully and constructed permanent class rooms.

Report from the School
For the 2007-2008 school year that began on 6 October 2007 and ended on 30 June 2008, there were 80 students enrolled in the Osso Huna Pre-Secondary School. For Year I there were 33 students; Year II had 27 students, and Year III 20 students. These students received very good grades in English, Portuguese, Mathematics and Biology. In June 2008, the Year III students took their national exams. All but one of them passed. A graduation ceremony was held on 29 July 2008 for the 19 students who passed their national exams.

An alumnus of the Osso Huna Pre-Secondary School, is now continuing his studies in Sydney, Australia. He was one of 30 students that were selected by the Secretary of State for Petroleum in Timor Leste to receive scholarships to study about petroleum in Australia. He graduated from Osso Huna in 2004/2005. In December 2008 another two alumni from Osso Huna, were awarded scholarships to continue their studies in the Philippines.

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