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Sunday, 15 February 2009

No explanations no false prophecy

The story in attached link of a "prophecy" from a pastor claiming that the bushfires in Victoria were a judgement from God on Victoria's abortion law regime got on my goat.

There are such things in the biblical narrative as false prophets and in my assessment this has got to rank the author as falling into that category.

David Bentley Hart in The Doors of the Sea: Where was God in the Tsunami? comments that is impossible for the infinite God of love directly, or positively, to will evil (physical or moral) p.70.

Stanley Hauerwas argues that we cannot afford to try and give ourselves explanations for evil - it can become a noisy way of trying to hide the silences that such events as the firestorm in Marysville and Kinglake creates. What we need he says are not explanations for evil, or even someone to blame for the evil, a scapegoat, rather what is required a community capable of sustaining our grief. (p.xi) Naming the Silences: God Medicine and the Problem of Suffering)

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