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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Who cares for the kids of Gaza?

Who pays the price of war?

Certainly the children.

See here for a report on a study by World Vision released a couple of weeks ago before the current round of fighting on the extent of trauma in Gaza's children.

More than 16 per cent of children aged 5-15 in North Gaza suffer from nightmares, the majority of which (76.7 per cent) are caused by fear.

Almost 13 per cent of children in the same age range wet the bed, again mostly (70) through fear. Psychological problems, health issues and trauma were also contributing causes, the assessment revealed.

“The reality is that this current violence is already compounding high levels of trauma in children, and one can only guess at the long-term effects of this,” said World Vision UK’s head of emergency affairs, Ian Gray.

“There’s the initial impact on children, which we’re already seeing – frequent bed-wetting, nightmares, and a heartbreaking loss of hope – but there’s also the long-term trauma that will devastate for years to come.

“Children comprise more than half of the population of Gaza. The ongoing attacks will only worsen their situation.

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