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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Speed and more speed

Advocates who are passionate for something to be done - cross jurisdiction sharing of information about children who may be at risk for example - can be blind to the realities of the world of institutions and the fact that very few things that matter can be done immediately.

The world of instant action, instant moral gratification and a crusading gnosticism that does not acknowledge that reality and recalcitrance of matter and people - that resources of people, time and money are required to make protection and care of children effective.

It takes time in the real world to set up systems appropriate money make software to talk, ensure legal protections and appropriate training of staff to ensure that the system actually works and continues to work and that appropriate care is taken to ensure that people's lives are not damaged by mistake and that bureaucrats exercising power over the lives of families, are accountable for the way they exercise that power.

But no none of this matters - damage is being done to children while all this goes on according to the advocates and there should be no tarrying. Nothing is more important, nothing else should receive the Prime Minister's attention.


Jesus announced "Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy". Those filled with compassion for children, as the least the most vulnerable in our community might think about extending some compassion to public servants and politicians who cannot take immediate action on all fronts to prevent all the evils and tragedies currently in prospect.

Public servants too have families and children who need to be cared for or are they to be sacrificed on the altar of the need for speed in trying to prevent some anticipated evil?

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